“Truth is the greatest good; love is the highest truth.” ~ Michael Entity

Nick Sweeney (Old Sage)
Nick Sweeney (Old Sage)

I am Nick Sweeney, creator of PathAgape, and I welcome you!

After 20yrs of seeking, exploring, studying, healing and training (over 550 hours in a unique Reiki Master/Spiritual Healing and Counseling program) in the spiritual healing and counseling arts, and over 10 years of professional experience working with clients, I have come to validate the truth of Spirit.  It is intimacy with one’s own Spirit that supports true healing and lasting transformation in one’s life.

First and foremost, I am a healer.  I support and facilitate your return to wholeness.



These are the tools in my “medicine bag,” which I use to connect with you and facilitate healing of your mind, heart and body:

1) Access to a non-physical teacher (through the process of channeling) named “Michael” and their teaching  – The Michael Teachings (mind/heart)

2) Astrological wisdom (mind/heart)

3) Intuitive and Tarot wisdom (mind/heart)

4) Hands-on healing through the Reiki System of Natural Healing (heart/body)

“Agape” refers to our ultimate existence in the embrace of unconditional love.  Life already loves us.  We “wake up” to this embrace as we heal and learn to love ourselves.

PathAgape is the path we travel when we want to create deep and lasting transformation and healing.  It is the pathway to peace and wholeness, knowing the soul, healing the wounds from the past and creating a brighter and more fulfilling future.

A good place to begin your  journey with PathAgape is the Tao page.  This is where you can start your overview of The Michael Teachings.  After you have read all the information on the pages that interest you, visit my Services page and explore my healing offerings.  Perhaps you will feel drawn to purchase an Essence & Personality Profile, an Astrological Consultation, an Intuitive Consultation and/or a series of Healing Sessions.  Maybe you will feel called to register for an upcoming Reiki class and learn to practice self-healing the Reiki way.

Healing is a very personal journey that happens in one’s own time and at one’s own pace.  Let your heart be your guide.

If you have any questions about this site or my services, please feel free to chat with me in the chat room when I am available, or reach out to me via my Contact page.

I look forward to sharing PathAgape with you.

Happy healing and self-discovery!