PathAgape is the path I walk…a path of striving to understand and implement in my day-to-day life what it truly means to love and be loved unconditionally. 

Afterall, this is the whole point to seeking spiritually.  This is the truth that is shared from the heart of all of the world’s major spiritual traditions-that we are loved unconditionally by the Source.  Really getting this truth is the core of the spiritual journey, and this realization, even at the tiniest levels, is a game changer.  It allows us to be innocent, as we have been created and to embrace the trial-and-error, experimental and evolutionary learning experience that is Earth School.  And we are no longer weighted down by self-hate, self-rejection, self-criticism, negative comparisons to others and the like.

Right before Reiki came into my life in 2002, I lived most of my days in a very painful state of self-hate, self-rejection and self-criticism.  I was also lost under the weight of familial and societal pressure to be someone that had no resemblance to who I am at my core.  Like many of us, I felt like I was a hamster on a wheel, running, running, running to get somewhere but never arriving and never feeling fulfilled.  And like many of us, I wanted to escape all the pain that this way of living supported by losing myself in a relationship or in the fantasies of escaping life on the physical plane through spiritual transcendence.

Then, with Reiki, I had the experience of glimpsing my soul and its unconditionally loved and loving reality.  Once glimpsed, I had to have more and understand more.  Although I had already been exploring Eastern spiritual traditions and meditation, as well as studying Astrology and intuitive paths like the Tarot for years before Reiki came into my life, I had not actually glimpsed my soul.  Reiki put me firmly on my authentic path of seeking and finding, which lead me to channeled sources of insight and information such as Abraham-Hicks, Lazaris and Michael.

It was Michael’s teaching that gave me a key to help me understand my life in a radically compassionate and empowered way.  I walked through that door and found myself at peace and at home in my own skin.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt blessed and in awe of life, in spite of having experienced physical and emotional abuse and neglect as a child.  And I have always wanted to share that experience of feeling blessed and in awe of life with others.

My healing and evolutionary journey has been about learning how to heal myself and experience my own soul essence, so that I can then truly support others in healing and making that connection for themselves.

PathAgape represents where I am now on my journey, and I use this vehicle to share all that I have learned so far.  And when I say “so far,” I am referring to my entire grand cycle incarnating here in Earth School…for when you become centered in your soul, you have access to all that your soul has learned during its physical plane journey throughout all of its incarnations.  And of course, I am still learning.

The tools I use and share such as the Michael Teachings and channeling, astrology, intuitive methods and the tarot and the Reiki System of Natural Healing, are all tools that have helped me and continue to help me come home to my Self.

I would say that the following ideas sum up my understanding and intent with PathAgape:

when you get to know and love your personality/ego, then you get to know and love your soul, and when you get to know and love your soul, then you get to know and love your personality/ego.

There is no true division.  All is one.



Nick Sweeney is an inspired Reiki Master-Teacher, channel, astrologer and intuitive guide.  He is dedicated to teaching others how to connect to their own truths through grounded and practical exploration of spirituality and healing and illuminating the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

Nick’s passion to understand and heal himself has lead to him studying four different Reiki lineages based in Eastern and Western philosophy and practice, and becoming a Reiki Master in three of them: Usui Shiki Ryoho (2006), Reiki Jin Kei Do (2007), Gendai Reiki-ho (2008) and Reiki Tummo (2012).

His love for Reiki began in 2002, when a friend introduced him to it and sparked his curiosity.  After this initial introduction to this spiritual healing practice, he later trained with the late Margaret Ann Case of the former Reiki Arts Continuum, completed her 450hr Reiki Master/Spiritual Healing/Spiritual Counseling Certification Program, her 120hr Teacher Training Program, as well as 3yrs of mentoring and co-teaching Reiki I and Reiki II classes at the New York Open Center from 2006-2009.  During this time of rigorous study, healing and growth, as a part of his spiritual healing and counseling certification requirements, he was ordained as a priest in the Order of Melchizedek (Sanctuary of the Beloved).

Nick created his private spiritual healing and counseling practice with the name Phoenix Wisdom Healing in 2006 (which became PathAgape in 2014).

A student of Astrology for over 20yrs, he has professional certification in Medieval and Modern Astrology through the Academy of Predictive Astrology (London) and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.  He has been practicing professionally for 5yrs.

In 2012 and 2013, he worked as a professional Intuitive Guide at The Crystal Matrix in Los Angeles, integrating his 15yrs of studying the intuitive arts, psychic development and the Tarot.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Oberlin College and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater.

Originally from Nashville, TN, he currently resides in San Francisco.


Fun Tidbits About Nick

~ Born when the sun was in the sign of Capricorn, moon in Scorpio and rising sign in Cancer.

~ Numerological life-path number of 3, along with an expression number of 3.  That’s a double dose of 3 energy, folks!

~ Spiritual family’s nickname is “The Sweetheart Entity” (Michael Teachings Terminology).

~ Loves dark chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, or just about any other kind of nut.

~ Played the role of Hud twice in the musical “HAIR” (once in high school and once in college), and played the role of Leading Player twice in the musical “Pippin” (once in high school and once in college).

~ Favorite movie of all time is “The Color Purple,” and he can do a mean impression of just about every character in the movie, as well as practically perform the whole movie from start to finish by himself.  Ok, exaggerating a little, but not by much!

~ Auditioned for a role in the movie “Sister Act 2.”  Got a call-back, too!

~ Favorite color has always been blue (although, in the past few years, green and violet have been a close 2nd and 3rd).

~ Loves many different tarot decks, but the Thoth deck is his favorite.

~ Truly believes that the answer to every existential question and the best solution to every problem is LOVE.