* Healing equals a return to wholeness on a physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual level.

As a spiritual, complimentary and alternative healer, I partner-up with others to assist their healing on all levels.  But it is healing at the spiritual level where I aim my primary intent.  Though our spiritual reality is the subtlest realm of our being, the rest of our lives is built from how we align or fail to align with this fundamental core.  Healing at the spiritual level then supports healing in all other levels of our being.

From Michael’s perspective, all of our incarnations represent one long healing journey where we grow from division to unity/wholeness.  For older souls (Mature and Old), bringing more consciousness to the healing journey becomes more of a primary focus for the lifetime.

Here are 7 Healing Principles in which I base my healing work:

~ Healing is always available:  If it is our intention to heal, then the process is already in motion.  It is then our responsibility to commit to the healing journey, follow through on our impulses and intuition, and open to the support that is within and around us.

~ Healing is a process:  All of life is a healing process, as all of life is an evolutionary journey, a continuous opportunity to experience greater and greater levels of order, clarity, harmony, happiness and wholeness.  This process never ends…not even when the physical life ends.

~ Healing is a personal journey:  What one person needs for healing, may not be what another needs.  What one person can accomplish or allow in two days, for another may take several years.  There is no judgment or standard on the healing process.  The healing process is unique for each of us.

~ All healing is self-healing:  The person seeking healing is the one who does the work of healing.  A “healer” can offer his or her information, insight, comfort, encouragement, support, clarity, love, and resonance to healing energies, but it is the person seeking healing who takes these offerings and uses them for the process of healing.  No one heals you.  You invite support for healing your self.  This is even true in the world of conventional medicine.

~ True healing includes Spirit/Essence:  True healing will always draw upon the unlimited resources of your Self as essence/spirit/soul, and by extension, “God,” Tao, Universal Mind, Higher Power-however you conceptualize the Creator of All…the Source.  Relief from symptoms is not the same as healing:  relief brings temporary cessation of symptoms, while healing repairs the cause of the symptoms.

~ Healing in the lighter bodies affects healing in the denser bodies:  All of your bodies can be wounded and therefore healed: the physical, emotional, mental/intellectual and spiritual.  The spiritual body is the finest and lightest body and encompasses the rest.  Healing in the soul, mind and heart affects healing in the body.

~ Love is the greatest healer:  Truth is a healer.  Energy is a healer.  Love is the greatest healer.  The all-encompassing love of tao is agape-complete and unconditional acceptance and resonance.  This is what Life offers to all of us all of the time.  It is up to us to accept it, receive it and allow our return to wholeness.

The Reiki System of Natural Healing

“Reiki” is a Japanese word that refers to the basic universal life-force of tao, as well as the system of tools and techniques that help us to open to and use this infinite healing power that lies within us.

“Rei” = spiritual
“Ki”   = energy (life-force)

Reiki = spiritual energy (universal life-force energy)

There are five basic elements that compose the Reiki System:

~ Reiki Principles (guidelines to live by which help us heal)
~ Initiations/Attunements (rituals for cleansing the energy system which allows us to channel more life-force)
~ Ki-meditations (cleansing and renewing the energy system)
~ Hands-on healing (channeling the life-force through the hands to support balance and healing)
~ Symbols and Mantras (deepening the connection to the life-force and for supporting distant healing)

One of the most empowering things about the Reiki System is that it is based on the principles of self-care and self-practice.  One is taught the importance of healing the self before committing to helping others heal.

The Reiki System is taught in 3 levels, and each step deepens our understanding of and connection to the healing power of the universal life-force.

Reiki I and Reiki II focus on self-healing and healing support for family and friends.

The Reiki Master-Teacher level focuses on a commitment to one’s own healing and self-mastery, as well as a commitment to teach others how to use the Reiki System.

The Reiki System provides a simple yet elegant way to activate one’s inner healing power, and it is easy to learn.  Anyone can learn how to use this system to support one’s healing and self-improvement.  It is a gentle yet powerful pathway of learning to take our health and healing into our own hands.

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