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Saturn ~ “Lord of Karma”


Astrology & Karma

“Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for meaning in the sky.”

I like this Wikipedia definition of astrology above because ultimately, that’s what the study and practice of astrology is all about:  meaning creation.  When we use astrology to help us create meaning, we are able to broaden and heighten our perspective on what it means to be a human in Earth School.  This perspective supports us in gracefully dealing with life’s challenges and creating more joy in each moment.

Astrology is a symbolic language that helps us become aware of and attune to the patterns and themes that arise and pass away in our lives.   Through the observation of the heavenly bodies and the synchronous events that correspond to their movements in the sky, we are able to glimpse an awesome order that exists beyond the seemingly random events that happen “down here.”

We are also able to gain much insight into our own personality dynamics and life patterns because the astrological natal chart (position of the sun, moon and planets at the time and place of your birth) shows how we at the soul level setup the exploration of our karma for this lifetime.

The entire astrological natal chart represents one’s karma.

Michael defines karma as any imbalance that is generated from intensity that also interferes with the choices of the self or another (karma can be created from positive or negative experiences).  Our natal charts can give great insight into how our souls setup our lifetimes in order to balance certain karmas.  Through transits and progressions (literal and symbolic movement of planets after your birth and in relation to your natal chart), we can map the unfolding and activation of karmic themes throughout our lives.

Understanding our karma helps us to understand the “higher” perspective of  the soul, and helps us to create another pathway for opening to agape/unconditional love.  Through the process of creating and balancing karma, we learn what are the ramifications of our choices.  As we learn and grow (during a single lifetime and over the course of many lifetimes through soul age perspective) we eventually come to own our choices and to evolve in our capacity to make choices that are more loving, compassionate and fulfilling.

The Language of Astrology

Astrology is a symbolic language that uses “planets,” “signs” and “houses” in order to communicate a vast array of information and insight that can help us bring a deeper understanding to our lives.  Planets in signs and houses.  These are the basics.  Each of these components describes a specific area of karmic exploration:

Planets ~ karma having to do with fundamental human needs; the “what” (self-expression (sun), communication (mercury), relating (venus), etc.)

Signs ~ karma having to do with the 12 archetypal styles for fulfilling those fundamental human needs; the “how” (assertively (aries), sympathetically (cancer), idealistically (sagittarius), etc.)

Houses ~ karma having to do with areas of life experience; the “where” (finances/material security (2nd house), home-life (4th house), profession (10th house), etc.)

To be more specific, below are the planets, signs and houses, along with some of the areas of karmic exploration that they symbolize.

The Planets (the “what”)

Sun – self-karma, being and authentic self-expression, the need to shine, vitality/life-force

Moon – self-image, subconscious patterns, conditioning and habit, the need to nurture/be nurtured

Mercury – intellect, rational mind, interpretation, communication, the need to exchange information

Venus – desires, values, attraction, sex, relating/relationships, the need for intimacy and union

Mars – passion, drive, aggression, anger, sex, self-assertion, the need for taking action

Jupiter – higher aspiration, beliefs, ethics, philosophy, trust, the need for meaning and expansion

Saturn – limitation, necessity, responsibility, focus, effort, discipline, the need for solidarity and security

Uranus – excitement, restlessness, breaks from tradition, innovation, the need for liberation/freedom

Neptune – dissolution of boundaries and feeling one with the whole, the need for compassion and acceptance

Pluto – decay, death/rebirth, transformation, the power of evolution, the need for full integration and purpose


The Signs (the “how”)

Aries – assertive, quick to take action, impulsive, spontaneous, self-centered, courageous

Taurus – sensual, savoring, natural, slow and steady, determined, connoisseur of beauty and fine things

Gemini – playful/light, friendly, curious, social, scattered, intellectual, expressive, communicative

Cancer – cautious, reserved, intuitive, emotional, sympathetic, nurturing, dreamy, romantic

Leo – bold, confident, authoritative, generous, creative, “larger than life,” fun-loving, childlike

Virgo – analytical, discriminating, critical, perfecting, pragmatic, helpful, humble, self-affacing

Libra – social, other-centered, relationship-oriented, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic, seeks balance and fairness

Scorpio – intense, passionate, private, probing, psychological, catalytic, transformational, taboo-oriented

Sagittarius – freedom-loving, idealistic, aspiring, optimistic, future-oriented, philosophical, bohemian

Capricorn – traditional, goal-oriented, reserved, cautious, practical, authoritative, organized, responsible

Aquarius – eclectic, social, political, humanitarian, intuitive, innovative, intellectual, impersonal

Pisces – soulful, intuitive, service-oriented, emotional, dreamy, creative, imaginative, compassionate


The Houses (the “where”)

1st House – the personality, the persona, appearance, general health and vitality, early life experience

2nd House – personal possessions, what you own, the body, gifts, talents, values, income, “wealth”

3rd House – kin, siblings, neighbors/neighborhood, concrete mind, schooling/learning, communications

4th House – base of operations, home, roots, private/inner life, soul-life, family, parents, imprinting

5th House – creative self-expression: children, hobbies, entertainment, romance, speculation, fun-and-games

6th House – self-improvement, health, daily routines/rituals, work, duty, responsibilities, service

7th House – others, partnerships (therapeutic, business and romantic), the spouse, open-enemies/conflict

8th House – others’ resources/shared resources, sharing, deep intimacy, death, “the dead,” afterlife, inheritances

9th House – abstract mind/higher mind and philosophical pursuits, long-distance travel, foreigners/foreign lands

10th House – vocation, profession, career, contribution, power, status, authority, public life, public persona

11th House – group consciousness, social awareness, friends, support, goals, vision and planning for the future

12th House – solitude, hidden matters & “enemies,” karmic matters, problematic habits/behaviors, spiritual practice


This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I am continuously amazed by the wealth and depth of information and insight into myself and others that can be gathered through the study of this ancient art.  But the benefits of astrology don’t stop at information and insight.  They also include self-acceptance, healing and bringing a kind of “soul-vision” into day-to-day life that help us to navigate the “ups and downs” with more clarity and confidence.

If you would like to begin studying astrology, there are a few books that I can recommend on my Resources Page.

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“The Universe resounds with the joyful cry I am!” ~ Scriabin