These services are available to you for support on your spiritual and evolutionary journey.  You may feel drawn to work with me in order to gain insight and guidance about any area of your life that you choose and/or for healing support for a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge.

I am available by Skypephone or chat-room.  

Or, if you live in or are visiting the San Diego area (Hillcrest, 92103), we can meet in person.

In order to purchase your session, please click on the Paypal li0nk underneath the service(s) of your choice.  You will be directed to another page in order to complete your purchase.  Immediately following, please contact me and leave your name, number and some good times to call.  I will get in touch with you within 24hrs in order to schedule your session.

And if you have any questions about these services, please feel free to get in touch with me.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to our sacred time together.  Peace and many blessings!

* If you feel a strong resonance with me and desire to work with me, and you are financially challenged, please let me know, as I do try to find a way to work with everyone who seeks my services and is also serious about their healing and evolution.

* A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions.  I reserve the right to retain full payment for cancellations within 24hrs, with the exception of non-work related emergencies.


If you are looking for a “no-nonsense” yet compassionate teacher and guide who can give you a broader perspective on your ego, your soul, your relationships, your life’s journey and more, without ever shaming, scolding or judging you, then Michael may be a teacher for you.  Michael will answer any question you ask, as no question is too mundane for them.  However, be prepared for a response that is not sugar-coated.  They are clear and direct in their communications and do not seek to pander to or flatter your ego.  Their intent is to assist you in your personal and spiritual evolution, giving you tools that you can use to become more conscious and confident in navigating your life.  That being said, Michael never asks that you blindly accept what they say, for they could be incorrect in their interpretation of your akashic records, and/or what comes through could be “bad” channeling.  Built into their teaching is an emphasis on study, as well as questioning and validating any information given.  Growth and comprehension comes from work with Michael over time, as you validate their teaching for yourself and apply what you have learned within the various contexts of your life.

Michael Profile ($40)
~ what type of soul essence you are, your soul age, life-goal, mode of operation, attitude, primary obstacle and more (see example here, at the bottom of the page)

Pillars of Vitality Report ($85)
~ your true work/life task with comments, suggestions for your true play, true rest and true study

Your 3 Primary Needs Report ($85)
~ from Michael’s teaching on the 9 needs (security, adventure, freedom, power, exchange, expansion, communion, acceptance, expression), with comments

Michael Live Chat ($50, $85 and $115, respectively)
~ chat with Michael by phone or in a private chat room, ask them anything you like and get a real-time response



3 Email Questions for Michael ($75)
ask anything you like in email format, answers received via email


* Channeling is a delicate, sensitive and not-so-well-understood process.  No channel is 100% accurate.  Do not blindly accept any information given to you.  Question and validate the information for yourself, as this supports true comprehension.



An energy healing session is a sacred time where you invite your “inner healer” to work on repairing what has been damaged within your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual bodies.  During your session, Reiki (or universal life-force energy) is channeled (hands on, near the body or at a distance in distance healing) to you for the purpose of healing.  Your inner healer uses this energy to bring cleansing, renewal and balance to your subtle energy system.

In general, a healing session helps you come back to “center,” your unique place of balance where you are best equipped to heal yourself and meet life with empowerment in each moment.  Each session is tailored to meet your needs, depending on how you would like to work with me to support your healing and evolution.  Healing sessions can be used for the following contexts:

~ energy “tune-up” for regular, preventative health-care maintenance
~ short-term relief (pain, stress, chronic issues, etc.)
~ long-term healing of a chronic issue

In my experience, energy healing can bring benefit no matter what the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual issue.  Here are a few specific issues with which you may need support:

* low energy/vitality
* stress (day-to-day life, transitions, illness, trauma, etc.)
* anxiety
* depression
* sadness/grief
* self-esteem issues
* pain relief
* pre/post operative support

If you have never experienced this type of healing work and want to see if it is effective for you, or you would simply like to experience the work through me before making a commitment, I am happy to offer you a complimentary, 20min chair session (tune-ups/short-term relief) or a 90min table session (long-term/chronic issues).

For your first session with me, I do recommend 90mins, as there is an initial intake and “getting to know you” process that can require a bit more time than in later sessions, and this would ensure that you have more time for the table/body-work portion of your session.

Tune-Ups, Maintenance & Short-Term Relief ($85 and $135, respectively)


Long-term Healing of Chronic Issues ($300)
~ Package of 3, 90min sessions

Distance Healing ($60)
~ 60min, we connect via Skype or phone before and after the “transmission”

~ please reach out to me to discuss whether or not distance healing could be effective for you



Gone are the days of rigid, predictive astrology!  Thank TAO!  We  have entered the age of quantum physics where it is now accepted that consciousness does affect our objective and material reality.  So, YOU are the other half of the astrological equation.  Your consciousness matters.  Your choices matter. You are free to choose and engage your natal chart (or birth-chart) creatively, as you go about creating a life that you love.  Fate can only win, if you choose NOT to choose.  And even not choosing is a choice.

When you come for an astrological consultation, you are inviting more consciousness into your awareness, into your life patterns and behaviors, so that you can choose more freely and create your life more effectively and joyously.  

Your natal chart gives you a great deal of insight and information about how your life is designed to run most smoothly and harmoniously.  It tells us, in symbolic form, what makes you feel most alive, what makes you happiest, what is the most natural persona to cultivate in the world, where your most meaningful sense of purpose and destiny lie, how to create the most fulfilling relationships, and much more.  

It also tells us where you are likely to get “hung-up” and “stalled” in your effort to live life to the fullest. It shows us your karmic predicament and your soul’s evolutionary intent.

This is powerful stuff!

Are you ready to delve deeper into your sanctuary of self-knowledge?

Are you ready to take that self-knowledge and apply it through confident action and fulfilling creation in the playground of the world?

Then I look forward to working with you!

*All consultations are $200 for 90-120min of time with me in person, over Skype or on the phone.  All consultations are recorded and emailed to you after your session.

Natal Chart
I described a bit about this reading above.  This is where we look at the main life territories through which your hero’s journey will unfold, with all of its mythologies, shadows and gifts.  In addition to the basic pattern and tone of your life map, we will also look at the “chart behind the natal chart” in order to gain profound insight into the basic karmic story your soul brought into this life-time.  The karmic story tells us what remains unresolved from your past and where you are likely to unconsciously repeat unproductive habits that would tend to derail you from reaching your full potential.  The karmic analysis tells us precisely where you are vulnerable this lifetime so that you can be armed with awareness.  But it also tells us what the healing medicine is for you and how to guide your life-force in order to experience self-actualization, evolution and fulfillment.  

In a nutshell, we will acknowledge your weaknesses and challenges, give you “medicine” to help you heal from the past, reinforce and validate your strengths and gifts, empower your most fulfilling directions and celebrate your unique potential. 

Transits & Progressions (Solar Returns, Birthdays & “The Year Ahead”)
From the moment you are born the unique mandala of forces symbolized by your natal chart begin to unfold and evolve.  Transit charts help us to glean your current astrological “weather forecast,”  while progression charts give insight into where you are in the more intimate unfolding of your own personal evolutionary intent.  At any given moment, we can look at these “transit” and “progression” charts to understand exactly which evolutionary questions, themes, challenges and opportunities are being highlighted for you in these areas: personal style, education and learning, destiny, career, health/vitality, emotional fulfillment and healing, relationships, home-life, day-t0-day work and more.  

Most people, after having their natal charts read, like to check their transits and progressions with me once a year around their Solar Return (birthday!)  This is a powerful way to honor yourself and gain insight into the meaning of your current life experiences.

Armed with these astrological insights, you can see clearly where you have been, where you are and where you are going.

*I request that you have a natal chart consultation with me before having your transits and progressions read.

Relationship (Synastry) 




During these consultations, you can ask about anything you like, and I may help you to reformulate your question so that you can get the most out of our time together.  Oftentimes, intuitive work is about validating what you already know and intuit.  Our time together helps you to trust what you already know.  It is also a time to get additional insight and information that can help you to navigate your life with trust and confidence.  When I do these sessions, I resonate with your energy field and connect with you soul-to-soul.  From there, I receive impressions, feelings, images, sounds and/or “knowings” that I interpret in relation to your questions.  My style is down-to-Earth and candid.  Depending on your preference and the creative flow of the moment, I may or may not use tarot cards during your session.  As I don’t predict the future (though I may give you probabilities based on my current interpretation of the way the future seems to be unfolding), you don’t have to worry about having a “bad” consultation!  These sessions are about empowering you and giving you guidance on how to best meet the next moments and phases of your life, whether those moments or phases happen to be challenging or harmonious.

Intuitive Consultation ($85)



Just about everyone loves a good party, including intuitive-healer types.  If you would like for me to come to your party or event (San Diego County) and offer astrological and/or intuitive consultations, your wish is my command!  Doing this work in these types of settings has always been tons of fun for me, without sacrificing the clarity and depth of the insights and information that I receive and share.  I can see your guests individually for brief (20mins), private sessions or for sessions with the entire group present and holding space for the “readings.”  For events, I charge the same hourly fee that I charge for my individual intuitive consultations.

Party Consultations ($255, minimum of 3hrs)



* Spiritual healing and counseling are not a replacements for professional medical and/or mental health services.  I provide complimentary and alternative healing and counseling services.  If you are in need of a professional medical and/or mental health practitioner, please use my services as an adjunct to theirs.