August Eclipse Season ~ The Only Constant is Change

(approximate reading time 10-15mins)

The only constant is change.

I’ve been thinking allot lately about this profound truth.

Impermanence.  Life moves.  Nothing stays the same.

So why do we resist this truth so much?

It’s one thing to acknowledge this truth when nothing seems to be changing, while we are merrily going about our lives, humming along our familiar territories, content and comfortable with the status quo, and quite another when change is upon us, and we have to deal with it in the now.

Our bodies are hard-wired to survive.  Fear is our body’s primary tool used for keeping us alive.

But I often wonder why most of us seem to fret and worry about change and survival far more than is appropriate or useful?  

The body itself is constantly changing.  If we really pay attention to it, we see that nothing stays the same from day-to-day.  

Well, if the body knows this, why all the fuss when external change comes a’knockin’?

Somehow we’ve been programmed to resist the ground of our existence as change itself.  We’ve been brainwashed into believing we can freeze time and circumstance to remain just the way we think we want it.

But do we really want things to stay the same?  I bet a part of us does indeed.

And the other parts?

Is there a deeper part of us that seeks change?

Is there a deeper part of us that seeks to grow, evolve, experience ourselves anew and have new adventures?

Is there a deeper part of us that seeks to discover and reveal new potential?

I think there is.

So maybe our deepest selves are intimately aligned with the truth of impermanence.

And maybe the changes that are upon us personally and collectively are exactly what we need and want.

I’ve been thinking allot about this lately and hearing the quiet voice of spirit whispering-

“Let go and embrace change because you are change.  Your peace and happiness depend on you embracing and being who you truly are.”

These thoughts are not random.  My own life is going through major changes right on schedule with two powerful eclipses that are approaching this month, and I bet your life circumstances are shifting, too, as we near these symbolic markers:

August 7th ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 21 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

Astrological tradition teaches that eclipse seasons are usually experienced as accelerated times of change and transition, of endings and beginnings.

Life is always moving and changing.  Nothing stays the same.  So, what’s the big deal?  

I think the big deal around eclipse season is that we usually go about our lives rather unconsciously, but eclipses are symbolic of the “wake up call.”  Doors close.  We lose something.  Something ends.  Simultaneously (or seemingly and uncomfortably delayed), a door opens.  We find something.  Something begins.  These changes tend to jolt us wide awake so that we can participate in our evolution more consciously and without resistance to the fundamental ground of our existence-change.

So, we are all likely going through it this month as life highlights the necessity for change and evolution.

I take comfort in the knowledge that we have all been here before.  We’ve been through many, many changes.  In fact, we are change itself.  If this is what we are, then a deep part of us knows how to navigate merrily through the changes and use them to evolve and expand into ever more awareness, fulfillment, prosperity and wholeness.

Every week I receive Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology Newsletter and horoscopes.  This week I appreciated synchronicity’s hand in delivering to me this message from Rumi via Rob Brezsny:

“And so the best way to cultivate inner peace might be to learn to love the way everything keeps changing.”

Right on time.

There is a great mysterious beauty unfolding its being through the eternal constant of change.

We are this being and becoming.

Navigate with calm confidence and enjoy the ride!

See you on the other side.

How It All Began: My Introduction to The Michael Teachings (Part I)

(approx reading time 5-7mins)

synchronicity = the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection


I have noticed much synchronicity in my life, and I have always been fascinated by it.  Whenever it occurs, I feel as if Great Mystery is revealing a little bit more of itself to me.

How I found the Michael Teachings was quite synchronous, but before I share that story, I’d like to give you a bit of background so that you can have more context for what lead up to this event.

I have always been curious about the “unseen,” but I was raised in a fairly conservative home with Southern Baptist roots.  In fact, my grandfather was the pastor of a church that was literally right around the block from my childhood home.  It is an understatement to say that growing up, “I was all up in the church!”

In many ways, the church fed my curiosity for Spirit, even though, as time went by, I began to let go of the doctrine and dogma of the church.  My experiences and my intuitive awareness lead me along other paths of learning that better satisfied my questions and yearning to understand my life.

Sometime around the age of 16 (1994), I happened upon an Astrology book in the New Age section of a local bookstore (The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need).  I had already been familiar with my Sun Sign (Capricorn), but I had never known there were 9 other planets in my astrological chart, and that each of these planets’ positions in the chart symbolized some kind of thematic pattern in my life.

Right there in the bookstore, I flipped to the ephemeris (a table where you can find the position of the planets in the signs at any given time) in the back of the book so that I could learn what my Moon Sign was.  I learned that my Moon Sign was/is Scorpio.  As I read the description for this, I was blown away!  How could a book know such intimate details about my inner nature?  I was a teenager, after all, and like many teenagers, I felt very lonely and thought that no one understood me.  But there it was-very perceptive and accurate insights about the more intimate and private nature of my psyche (the moon in astrology symbolizes your deep subconscious nature and instincts, your inner personality and your soul life).

That was it!  I was hooked and had to learn all I could about how astrology, having never met me,  could know so much about me!

I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of my personal spiritual journey.  And I mean spiritual in the sense of gaining knowledge and awareness about my self with a capital “S.”

Fast on the heels of astrology came tarot.  My friend gave me an over-sized tarot deck (the Thoth deck), and I began to study how to best use this tool and how to strengthen my intuition.

Then came many books like One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, A Course in Miracles and Conversations With God (the trilogy!), as well as my first foray into meditation practice.

It was like I was following a rabbit down a hole, and I had no idea where it was leading…but I had to follow.

In 2003, Reiki entered my life (and this synchronous event deserves its own post…coming soon!) and signaled a dramatic turning point along my spiritual path.  It was as if all that I had been exploring and studying became integrated, and I was then able to use what I had learned and share it with others.  This is when I began to offer my intuitive services professionally.

The Reiki path was a new rabbit-hole, and it lead me to a wonderful teacher in New York City, where I spent 4 years working on healing myself (emotionally, mentally and spiritually…again, that’s another post altogether!) and training in the spiritual healing and counseling arts so that I could offer professional healing and counseling support to others.

It was during this time that I was introduced to the Michael Teachings.

Previous to this time, I had already been introduced to channeled material from sources like Lazaris, Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks) and Seth.  So I was aware of the process called “channeling.”  I had even been entertaining the idea that, with practice, I could also learn to channel healing insights and information from sources other than myself (I was already channeling energy via the Reiki tools I had been using).  But I had never had a personal experience with one of these “sources”…until I did!

In 2007, I was studying and training in the crystal healing arts.  I had developed a good relationship with my teacher and often assisted him during his classes.  This teacher would always bring many crystals with him to sell, and the room was lit-up with beautiful stones, some of which were from Brazil where “John of God” (one the most documented mediums and healers in modern times) resides.

During a break in the class, I had become enamored with one stone in particular, an angelic quartz generator that had my heart in that moment.  As I held the stone and gazed into its frosty inner chambers, my heart opened and tears started to flow.  I then felt a presence at the top of my head.  It felt like someone had  placed their hand lightly on my head.  The presence was so distinct, I naturally asked “Who’s there?”

“Michael” was the response.

“Archangel Michael?” I half-asked the presence and half-wondered to myself.  But when no response came, I didn’t think much more of it.  It was dismissed as my imagination.

The class resumed and I quickly let go of that strange experience. Then, during the next break, a lady with fiery red hair walked over to me.  Since the class began, I had been staring at her, trying not to be conspicuous about it.  But I found her to be beautiful, and there was this “light” around  her, some thing that kept drawing my attention to her.

She asked me very casually, “Have you heard of the Michael Teachings?”

“Funny you should ask,” I said, “because I just had this strange experience with that stone over there where a presence at the top of my head said its name was Michael.”

“Yep, you’re a Michael student.  You remind me of a channel I work with. You’re probably in the same cadre (a term Michael uses to describe certain spiritual families) as us.  Just google the Michael Teachings and start reading.  You can also checkout Troy’s website (Troy of TruthLoveEnergy).”

And that was that.  She went back to her seat, and the class resumed.

I was in shock and awe.

Well, as soon as I got home, I did google the Michael Teachings, and I did checkout Troy’s website.

The rest is history.

In Part II, I will share what it was like to begin studying this teaching and its impact on me, as well as describing my first interactions and conversations with Michael through a channel.