The Choice to Be Kind or Cruel

(approximate reading time 10-15mins)

Wow, how fast time flies!  I have wanted to blog about “choice” for the past 6 months, but for various reasons, have not.

It seems I haven’t been able to “keep-up” with the demands of life this year.  And at various points and times throughout the year, it seems I have forgotten that I can choose.

So, today, I choose to sit and finally write this dang’ blog!

Where to start, though?  This concept of choice (“…all is choice, and all choices are valid…we are here to learn how to choose and to choose how to learn”), that is the essence of the Michael Teachings, is vast and can be approached from infinite angles that might be useful.

Obviously, this will be an ongoing exploration and discussion, but I must start somewhere.

I have decided to start with an area of choice that has been very personal to me this year and very critical to my healing and evolutionary journey in general: the choice to be kind and loving to myself and my life or to be cruel.

As I said about this year so far, I have felt like I’ve not been able to keep up with the demands of life. This is not the whole truth.  Actually, I have been doing pretty well with the demands of life.  What has been much harder to keep up with are my ideals and desires for improvement and expansion.  In many ways this year, they have had to take a back-seat so that I could just “take care of business” and “do what needed to be done.”

I know all of it is life, but still, this year it seems “life got in the way.”

The perfect example is the writing of this blog.  My ideal was to have it written back in February, but it is now August.

This is but one example of many that I could give this year.  And all along the way, over and over again, I have had to make a choice about how I would relate to myself and my life while not meeting my own expectations and ideals.

I could choose to be cruel to myself in my interpretations:



“See, you just aren’t good enough to keep up.”

“You should just give up.”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Life sucks and is unfair!”

“Why can’t you seem to get it together?



Now, I’d be lying if I said that I never had any of these thoughts, but they are not the ones I choose to focus on and amplify.

I choose to focus on the kind and loving thoughts that I know are the truth about me and my life. These thoughts are coming from my unconditionally loving and wise soul:

img028“You are doing just fine.”

“There is nothing wrong with not being able to ‘keep-up’ sometimes.”

“You don’t have to give up, and that is not what you are doing.  You are adapting and learning to be flexible, rather than rigid in the pursuit of your goals.”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  Life can be challenging at times and messy.”

“You have actually been doing quite well with balancing all of the areas of life that are important to you, and you have become aware of what needs to change so that you can find a better balance.”

“Bravo!  You are LIVING!”

Ah, the kind and loving thoughts feel so much better and encouraging!  And they are not flattery or “going too easy on myself.”  They are truth, and truth is loving.  How do I know?  Because these thoughts give me relief and allow me to be present and centered with what is in my life at this time. There is no resistance, just a simple acknowledgment of what is, and the truth that what is, is OK.

I feel safe and in partnership with my life.

From this place of kindness, I can continue forward making any changes in my life that I wish to make.  I can continue to grow, change, expand, be flexible, meet challenges, gain insight, be more fulfilled-the whole nine yards.

So, what about you?

Have you been cruel or kind to yourself this year?

If you have been cruel, has it helped?  Have you felt relief, felt lighter, felt more encouraged?  Have you enjoyed life more?  Has it served you?

And if you have been kind to yourself, has that helped?  If so, how?

I can honestly say that the choice to be kind to myself has not always felt like it got me closer to completing my goals any faster, but it has certainly helped me to enjoy myself and life more, no matter where I am with my completion of goals.

I have asked Michael to comment on the choice to be kind or cruel to one’s self based on how one assesses their level of fulfillment of expectations and ideals:

Yes, we understand.  First we will say that it is absolutely your choice whether or not to be cruel or kind to yourself in your interpretations, in your assessments of where you are in relation to the fulfillment of your goals and ideals.  

Some are quite “happy” choosing cruelty over kindness as they relate to themselves.

 We do not want you to think that you must choose kindness or that there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to choose.  If all choices were not valid choices from which to evolve yourselves, then it would not be true that all choices are indeed valid, and this would make our teaching invalid at its foundation.

You are free to choose cruelty in your assessments or kindness.  We have no investment in you choosing one way or the other, as we know you will all learn to choose in a way that allows you to experience more truth, love and energy in your lives.  This is guaranteed.  There is no other game to be played.  You will evolve.

And you will evolve at your own pace, whether that be at a slower or faster pace.

Life is not a race, and you are free to go at your own pace…which is what you are doing anyway.

However, if you are wanting to accelerate your growth and evolution, then being kind to yourself is indeed the fast track.  Any other way of relating to yourself would be distraction from the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is to experience it fully, to learn and to evolve.

When you are cruel to yourself, you delay your learning and you end up only partially experiencing your life; for you are meant to experience ALL of life and not only one part.

We know our time is limited in this format, as our channel does not wish for this blog to be too long.

So we will close with saying that the choice to be cruel or kind to yourself, no matter where you are in life, is significant if you care about experiencing life to the fullest, learning and evolving at a steady pace and actually feeling pleasure throughout your bodies as you go along.  

Otherwise, it is one choice among many, and will not make or break your evolution in the long-run.

It is your choice how you will learn.

~Michael Entity

And what do you think about all this?  About my thoughts and about Michael’s?

Michael Profile: Essence Dynamics (Part I)

(approximate reading time 10-15mins)

The Michael Profile is usually the starting point for students new to the teachings.  This profile gives information about the design and dynamics of the student’s soul essence and personality.  It is a smaller life-map located within the larger life-map that is the Michael Teachings.

The information given in your Michael Profile is meant to be used as a set of tools to help you navigate the terrain of your life with more trust, kindness, confidence and pleasure.  However, like with any map, you can do with the information what you will.  You can ignore it, study it once and then toss it, take it with you and consult it at various points along your journey or any other number of choices.

One thing to be said about the information given in a Michael Profile (before I launch into discussing each piece of the profile) is that there is no authority within the Michael Teachings who can tell you with 100% clarity and confidence that the information you receive about yourself is correct.  Any information you receive from any channel has to be self-validated, and this process is unique to all of us.  For some, the very first profile they receive hits the mark of their self-awareness, and they are able to use this profile for navigation for the rest of their lifetime of study with Michael.  For others, the process is not so concise but takes several profiles and many months or years to get the information that “clicks” and helps them to make great leaps in their self-understanding.

Ok, let’s dive-in!


I have come across no other teaching or philosophy that so clearly and simply maps-out the design possibilities of the soul essence and in such a way that the information can actually be validated and used in a practical way to assist you on your journey toward increased self-awareness and self-realization.

When I came across these teachings, I was already an astrologer and had plenty of insightful and accurate information about my design as a personality.  But I always longed for more…something deeper and broader…more precise information about the core of who I am-not just insights about the ego and personality but information about the soul essence within the personality.

This is where the Michael Profile shines because it begins with the particulars of your soul essence-the animating force behind the body/personality and the lifetime.

1. Role (in essence)
The role is Michael’s way of describing what type of soul your essence decided to be before you began incarnating.  It is your “soul personality,” so to speak.  It is who you are at the core energetic level of your being and therefore represents your deepest desires, drives and motivations.  When this essence is accepted and “manifested” into the world around you, you “shine” and feel a sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

Through their observations and studies, Michael has seen that there are 7 distinct soul types:

2 are inspiration types – Server and Priest

2 are expression types – Artisan and Sage

2 are action types – Warrior and King

And 1 is a neutral and an assimilation type – Scholar

Validating your role in essence can be quite the healing and liberating experience.  It certainly was for me, as I had not been fully accepting of my essence traits before I began to study with Michael.  Due to family and cultural conditioning, I had learned to reject and hate a part of myself that was actually the deepest part of me that longed for expression and fulfillment.

When it came time for me to study the roles and to try to discern which role was at my core, I completely overlooked my actual role.  It took me 3 Michael Profiles to be able to validate my true role, the one Michael says is recorded in the akashic records.

But when I did, so much of my life made sense, and I began to let myself shine more in ways that were natural to me.  For most of my life, I have felt a strong urgency to express myself, to be seen, heard and understood.  No matter how old I was, there was always this silly and irreverent yet awe-filled inner child that wanted to understand the deeper truths of life and share them with others.  How healing it was to learn about the negative (obnoxiousness and verbosity!) and the positive sides (insight and communication) of my role and to learn that my role is just as valid and useful as the other 6 roles.

This information helped me to embrace, be and express more of myself without shame.

Today, I am happy to say that I am one of the insightful “children” of the universe, one of the entertaining and at times irreverent storytellers who adds fun and drama to life.

I am Sage in essence.

2. Casting
Your primary casting position describes how you function on a day-to-day basis.  Whereas the role is who you are when you “shine” (and we often have to work at this to re-claim and own who we are at our core) your casting is who you are the rest of the time.  It is your default way of being.  We don’t have to work at expressing and manifesting our casting.  It is just who we are without even trying.

In your Michael Profile, you are most often given the primary casting number, which tends to have the most direct influence on how you show up in the lifetime.  But there are also secondary and tertiary casting numbers that have more subtle influences during your lifetime.  I won’t go into those other influences now, but I will say that all of these numbers and influences have to do with how your particular soul essence expresses itself in relation to other soul essences within your tight-knit spiritual family of about 1000 soul fragments and beyond.

Michael says that the structure of the universe can be understood through the concepts of math and music.  Therefore, everything used as a map in their teaching can be referenced by its numerical resonance.

As there are 7 roles, there are also 7 casting positions.  Your casting position can be understood through its number, as well as the corresponding “soul archetype” related to it:

1 (simplicity/purpose) – Server

2 (balance/stability) – Artisan

3 (versatility/enterprising) – Warrior

4 (achievement/consolidation) – Scholar

5 (adventure/expansion) – Sage

6 (connection/harmony) – Priest

7 (eclectic/inculcation) – King

Your casting influences can be so pervasive and easy to spot in your behavior and life-patterns that you may think your casting position is actually your role.

My primary casting position within my spiritual family or “entity” is 6/Priest.  When I began studying these teachings, I thought my role was Priest.  The Priest energy is related to inspiration and the desire to guide others into unfolding more of their inherent potential.  It is also expressed through compassion on the positive side and zealousness and righteousness on the negative side.

My whole life I had been told that I would be an actual priest in the Southern Baptist tradition.  And from an early age, one of the ways I defined myself was through my understanding of and my ability to express compassion towards others.  And yes, I could be righteous and bossy at times towards others, thinking I knew what was best for them!

Even though validating my casting position was not as big a revelation as validating my role, it still gave me a depth of insight into how I do my role that also helped me in my self-awareness and confidence.

The casting information has helped me to own how I operate on a daily basis as one who needs to feel inspired and to inspire and as one who needs to understand the deeper patterns of life in an effort to extend compassion to myself and others.

One could say that in my better moments, I am an inspired (priest) and compassionate (priest) communicator (sage)!

3. Cadre/Entity (spiritual family)
In this teaching, the terms “cadre” and “entity” refer to groupings and structures of essences that have very specific relationships and resonances due to their relative numerical position, as well as their various shared interests.

1 entity = approximately 1000 soul fragments or essences

1 cadre = 7 entities

1 energy ring = 12 cadres

And this goes on and on and on.  You get the picture!

Michael says that most of their teaching agreements are with those fragments/essences in cadres 1, 2 and 3 of a particular energy ring that “follows” their energy ring.  So, chances are, if you are seeking information from Michael through one of their channels, then you are most likely going to get a 1, 2 or 3 as your cadre number on your Michael profile.  And as there are only 7 entities within a cadre, your entity number will be 1 through 7.

All of the entities have specific “energy signatures” that are generated due to the number resonances (1-7) related to their position within the cadre, as well as the types of essences (roles) that make up the entity.  Essences within an entity will share basic life-themes and interests.

For example, I am in cadre 1, entity 7, which has come to be known among Michael students as “the sweetheart entity.”  It is made up mostly of servers and priests.  All of the fragments of this entity are exploring healing from self-healing to collective healing.

Validating my cadre and entity was fairly easy, as two channels gave me the same cadre/entity information in two different Michael Profiles.  Also, when I asked Michael for information that described this entity and how they manifest on Earth, I resonated with all of the information that was given.  Not only that, but I have met a few other members said to be of this entity, and in every case there has been a certain level of ease and familiarity in our interactions along with a distinct aura of mutual acceptance.

However, this can be one of the hardest pieces of information in the Michael Profile for the channel to translate and deliver accurately.  It can also be one of the hardest pieces of information for the student to validate.

Cadre/entity may not be the most critical piece of information for you to validate on your journey of self-awareness and self-realization, but it can be beneficial information that helps you to know and trust yourself a bit more and to feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

As an old soul, it can help you on your journey of reunion with the members of your entity, as this is one of the deep desires for the old soul.

4. Energy Ratio (focused versus creative)
Our essences have their own unique ratio of focused (or male) to creative (or female) energy.  Focused energy is linear, orderly, active, protective, concrete, forceful, strategic.  Creative energy is non-linear, chaotic, passive, inspirational, intuitive, abstract, fluid, spiraling.  Though we can use the terms male and female to help us understand this ratio, essence does not actually have gender in the way we use the terms.  So, I prefer the more gender neutral terms of focused and creative.

Those who have high focused energy (65 or above), no matter what their role and casting, may find that they are more active (doing), linear and strategic with the way they go about their days.  They may also have the need for more sex than the average person.  Those who have high creative energy (65 or above), no matter what their role and casting, may find that they are more passive (being), non-linear and intuitive with the way they go about their days.  And those who have ratios that are closer to 50/50, may find that they go about their days with more of a balance between doing more focused and being more creative.

It is not necessarily important to validate the exact ratio (and rather impossible to do so, anyway!).  It is more important to know whether you are high on the focused or creative side or more balanced.  This can help you to embrace your natural strengths and to invite support from others in order to bring balance where you are weak.

For my energy ratio, I received 20 focused / 80 creative.  I’d say this is quite accurate in terms of how I have experienced myself over the years.  I can be quite focused and active for short bursts of time, but staying in this mode is very taxing and stressful for me, as this is not my strength.  “Being” is home-base for me.

5. Frequency
Frequency is a scale of measurement for our entire human sentience on a scale of 0-100 (0 being lowest and 100 being highest).  It describes the rate at which your individual essence processes and comprehends experience.  Another way of looking at it is to see the frequency as your essence’s “vibrational stamp.”

Low frequency essences (35 or below) tend to feel more “solid” and grounded to others.  They tend to work through their lives and learn their lessons at a slower pace, sometimes getting “stuck” in their lessons.  But when they learn the lesson, they have learned it completely and never have to go back to that particular lesson.  They can seem more serious and “heavy” during their lifetimes.

High frequency essences (65 and above) tend to feel more “fluid” and ethereal to others.  They tend to work through their lives and learn their lessons at a faster pace, skimming the surface of lessons and then have to go back over the same lesson multiple times in order to get through all the layers of the lesson.  They can seem more carefree and “buoyant” during their lifetimes.

Those essences whose frequency is more toward the middle of the spectrum tend to have more flexibility in how they process experiences.  They can sometimes wring-out an experience for all its worth and sometimes skim the surface coming back to the lesson multiple times before completion and comprehension.

As with the energy ratio, it is not necessary to validate the frequency exactly but to know where you are on the spectrum from low to mid-level to high in a general sense.

Before I received any profiles, I knew I was a high frequency essence.  88 seems to be about right.

In Part II, I will go into one of the most misunderstood and controversial elements of the Michael Profile: soul age. I will also speak about the Essence Twin (“twin flame”), as many channels will give you the essence twin role information as a part of your own essence dynamics.



How It All Began: My Introduction to The Michael Teachings (Part I)

(approx reading time 5-7mins)

synchronicity = the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection


I have noticed much synchronicity in my life, and I have always been fascinated by it.  Whenever it occurs, I feel as if Great Mystery is revealing a little bit more of itself to me.

How I found the Michael Teachings was quite synchronous, but before I share that story, I’d like to give you a bit of background so that you can have more context for what lead up to this event.

I have always been curious about the “unseen,” but I was raised in a fairly conservative home with Southern Baptist roots.  In fact, my grandfather was the pastor of a church that was literally right around the block from my childhood home.  It is an understatement to say that growing up, “I was all up in the church!”

In many ways, the church fed my curiosity for Spirit, even though, as time went by, I began to let go of the doctrine and dogma of the church.  My experiences and my intuitive awareness lead me along other paths of learning that better satisfied my questions and yearning to understand my life.

Sometime around the age of 16 (1994), I happened upon an Astrology book in the New Age section of a local bookstore (The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need).  I had already been familiar with my Sun Sign (Capricorn), but I had never known there were 9 other planets in my astrological chart, and that each of these planets’ positions in the chart symbolized some kind of thematic pattern in my life.

Right there in the bookstore, I flipped to the ephemeris (a table where you can find the position of the planets in the signs at any given time) in the back of the book so that I could learn what my Moon Sign was.  I learned that my Moon Sign was/is Scorpio.  As I read the description for this, I was blown away!  How could a book know such intimate details about my inner nature?  I was a teenager, after all, and like many teenagers, I felt very lonely and thought that no one understood me.  But there it was-very perceptive and accurate insights about the more intimate and private nature of my psyche (the moon in astrology symbolizes your deep subconscious nature and instincts, your inner personality and your soul life).

That was it!  I was hooked and had to learn all I could about how astrology, having never met me,  could know so much about me!

I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of my personal spiritual journey.  And I mean spiritual in the sense of gaining knowledge and awareness about my self with a capital “S.”

Fast on the heels of astrology came tarot.  My friend gave me an over-sized tarot deck (the Thoth deck), and I began to study how to best use this tool and how to strengthen my intuition.

Then came many books like One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, A Course in Miracles and Conversations With God (the trilogy!), as well as my first foray into meditation practice.

It was like I was following a rabbit down a hole, and I had no idea where it was leading…but I had to follow.

In 2003, Reiki entered my life (and this synchronous event deserves its own post…coming soon!) and signaled a dramatic turning point along my spiritual path.  It was as if all that I had been exploring and studying became integrated, and I was then able to use what I had learned and share it with others.  This is when I began to offer my intuitive services professionally.

The Reiki path was a new rabbit-hole, and it lead me to a wonderful teacher in New York City, where I spent 4 years working on healing myself (emotionally, mentally and spiritually…again, that’s another post altogether!) and training in the spiritual healing and counseling arts so that I could offer professional healing and counseling support to others.

It was during this time that I was introduced to the Michael Teachings.

Previous to this time, I had already been introduced to channeled material from sources like Lazaris, Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks) and Seth.  So I was aware of the process called “channeling.”  I had even been entertaining the idea that, with practice, I could also learn to channel healing insights and information from sources other than myself (I was already channeling energy via the Reiki tools I had been using).  But I had never had a personal experience with one of these “sources”…until I did!

In 2007, I was studying and training in the crystal healing arts.  I had developed a good relationship with my teacher and often assisted him during his classes.  This teacher would always bring many crystals with him to sell, and the room was lit-up with beautiful stones, some of which were from Brazil where “John of God” (one the most documented mediums and healers in modern times) resides.

During a break in the class, I had become enamored with one stone in particular, an angelic quartz generator that had my heart in that moment.  As I held the stone and gazed into its frosty inner chambers, my heart opened and tears started to flow.  I then felt a presence at the top of my head.  It felt like someone had  placed their hand lightly on my head.  The presence was so distinct, I naturally asked “Who’s there?”

“Michael” was the response.

“Archangel Michael?” I half-asked the presence and half-wondered to myself.  But when no response came, I didn’t think much more of it.  It was dismissed as my imagination.

The class resumed and I quickly let go of that strange experience. Then, during the next break, a lady with fiery red hair walked over to me.  Since the class began, I had been staring at her, trying not to be conspicuous about it.  But I found her to be beautiful, and there was this “light” around  her, some thing that kept drawing my attention to her.

She asked me very casually, “Have you heard of the Michael Teachings?”

“Funny you should ask,” I said, “because I just had this strange experience with that stone over there where a presence at the top of my head said its name was Michael.”

“Yep, you’re a Michael student.  You remind me of a channel I work with. You’re probably in the same cadre (a term Michael uses to describe certain spiritual families) as us.  Just google the Michael Teachings and start reading.  You can also checkout Troy’s website (Troy of TruthLoveEnergy).”

And that was that.  She went back to her seat, and the class resumed.

I was in shock and awe.

Well, as soon as I got home, I did google the Michael Teachings, and I did checkout Troy’s website.

The rest is history.

In Part II, I will share what it was like to begin studying this teaching and its impact on me, as well as describing my first interactions and conversations with Michael through a channel.