Michael Profile: Essence Dynamics (Part II)

(approximate reading time 10-15mins)

I’d like to continue my discussion of the Michael Profile starting with the concept of soul age.

6. Soul Age/Level
Soul age refers to your soul’s evolution relative to its incarnation cycles in “Earth School” (Michael teaches that human sentience did not begin its first lifetimes in this solar system but in the Sirius system…but that’s a whole nuther’ story!).

The idea is that when sentience decides to incarnate within a certain species, it also agrees to undergo a kind of “amnesia” so that it can experience fully the illusion of being an individual physical being.  So the first incarnations are similar to the first few months of being an actual new-born.  It is a very primitive time where the soul is orienting itself to a completely new set of physical rules.  Learning how to survive and keep physical bodies alive is the main priority at this infant stage.

After as many incarnations as it takes to master survival on the physical plane, the soul then transitions to its baby cycle.  Now that it has learned how to survive, it can begin building more sophisticated structures for stability and community.  These incarnations are focused on structure, order and creating the beginnings of civilization.

The next evolutionary transition for the soul is into the young cycle.  This is like the soul in its adolescent years!  It tends to be the point in evolution when the soul is the most immersed in physical life, including the illusion of being separate from any creator and that sense of being “on its own.”  This cycle’s lessons are focused on individuality and personal accomplishment-taking the personality as far as it can go in terms of what it can create and accomplish for itself on the physical plane.  These lifetimes are focused on HAVING in a material sense.  The general perception at this stage is “There is me and there is you, and I am going to win!”  Much is accomplished during this cycle by “the powerful,” but it tends to be accomplished through exploitation of and at the expense of the “weaker” others.

*Apparently, we had had more young souls incarnating on Earth than any other soul age for the past few thousands of years.  This changed around 1987, when the scale tipped and we have since had more mature souls incarnating on the planet.

 When the soul transitions into the mature cycle, there is a dramatic shift of gears, so to speak.  All of the soul ages previous to this had been about building a solid foundation for the physical being, the body and personality.  Life lessons reflected the soul’s desire to experience itself as individual and separate from tao, immersed in physicality.  In the mature cycle, the attention begins to turn inward, and the soul begins to ask (possibly for the very first time) “Who am I…and why am I here?”  The “search” begins at this stage and the focus shifts from individual personal accomplishment to right relationships.  True empathy and compassion are developed for the first time, and the soul’s perception becomes “There is me, and there is you, and I feel your pain.”  The health of the community as a whole becomes more important than the individual’s ambitions.  The idea of RIGHTS and equality across the board begin to be explored and implemented.

The mature cycle is dramatic and intense, as the soul begins to open its perception to more.  With the increased sensitivity that comes from this psychic growth, life and relationships are experienced as very intense, with many “mental-breaks” happening at this stage and the need for quiet retreats away from all forms of “negativity.”

After relationships have been explored thoroughly and a level of empathy with one’s self and others mastered, the soul transitions to the old cycle.

The perception in the old cycle is “There is me, there is you, and there is our context.”  This cycle marks the end of the soul fragment’s evolution on the physical plane.  At the end of the cycle, the soul “cycles off” the physical plane and remains on the astral plane until the rest of its entity-mates finish their round of incarnations on the physical plane.  Old souls are much like elderly people in the sense that they are done with the intense outer physical activity and accomplishments of youth and are now focused on inner matters, truth and resolving philosophical conundrums.  More than any other soul age, the old soul perceives the TRUTH and is intensely working on embodying Agape on the physical plane: unconditional acceptance of self, others and life itself.  This cycle is intense in the sense that the old soul is becoming increasingly aware of the vastness of itself as a part of tao, while at the same time needing to care for a body and manage to continue participating in the world.  The personalities of old souls can feel quite “world weary” and long to rest.  Yet, there is still more to go.  All old souls are seeking reunion with their entity-mates and with other souls with whom they have had much shared experience over the course of their incarnations.  This drawing together prepares the essences for the “reunion” that happens on the astral plane which takes place before the next step in evolution.

There are two soul ages beyond the old cycle that Michael has named Transcendental and Infinite.

The Transcendental Soul is the incarnation of a reunited entity that has evolved to the causal plane.  One fragment incarnates into the lifetime and has access to the entire entity’s experience and wisdom for navigation and creation of the lifetime.  These souls incarnate to facilitate social change and transformation (Ghandi, for example).

The Infinite Soul is a representative of the tao itself.  A reunited cadre or cadres serve to “channel” a specific aspect of the tao (truth, love or energy) through a representative fragment to the Earth, in order to catalyze a spiritual transformation in the totality of sentience.  It is like an intervention of sorts (Jesus or Buddha, for example).

Here are the soul ages again:

Infant – survival focus

Baby – structure and order focus

Young – individuality and personal accomplishment focus

Mature – empathy and right relationship focus

Old – truth and context (spirituality) focus

*Transcendental – social change

*Infinite – spiritual transformation/intervention

Michael has said that their teaching is an old soul teaching.  The majority of their students are old and mature souls.  You may even get the occasional late-level young soul who is interested in the teachings, but this is rare.

So, if you are interested in this teaching, more than likely, you are in the mature or old cycle of soul age.

The levels within the soul age describe where your essence is in the integration process of your soul age perspective and experience.  There are 7 levels within each soul age:

1 – beginning to “dip your toe in” the new soul age perspective

2 – balancing between the previous soul age and the new soul age perspective

3 – completely immersed in the new soul age perspective

4 – confidently expressing the current soul age perspective in the world

5 – expanding upon the current soul age perspective

6 – fully integrating experiences of the current soul age and “tying up lose ends”

7 – mastery and teaching of the current soul age perspective and preparation to transition into the next soul age

The soul age level can give great insight into more specific themes and lessons you may encounter in your life, as a part of your soul’s current evolutionary focus.

Before these teachings, I had never thought much about this concept of soul age.  I simply thought that I was a very strange and eccentric person for seeing the world as I did and having the philosophical and healing interests that I had.  I often wondered how I could ever learn to survive in such a seemingly calloused and cold society that viewed and valued life so differently than me.  It did not take much study of the teachings to validate my old soul-ness.  This was a key for me that helped to unlock much understanding and compassion for myself and the world around me.  And in fact, my soul age level is one where compassion is emphasized as a part of my learning “curriculum.”

I am a 6th-level old soul.

Which brings me to speak about how this concept of soul age can and has been abused by students of the teachings.

No matter what your soul age, it does not define who you are, how superior or inferior you are or how wise you are.

Old souls can behave ignorantly and obnoxiously.  Younger souls can exemplify calm and wisdom.  It is all relative.

Soul age simply refers to how much experience your soul has in relation to its incarnations as a human being.  And everyone’s experiences are different.  Though there are subjects that we all study and master in Earth School, we all study them at our own unique pace and in our own unique ways.  And we all study some areas in which others will not gain much experience.  It is all relative, and there is no external standard for study being imposed on us.  We evaluate and grade ourselves!  There are no rewards for “finishing first” or punishments for “finishing last.”  And someone who is “older” (progressed further along in their soul age perspective) is not better than someone who is “younger.”  All of us have lessons that we have learned and wisdom to share.  Every soul age has its potential weaknesses and strengths in perspective.

Being an older soul (mid-mature through 7th-level old) means that you have more relative experience under your belt than someone younger in soul age, but it does not guarantee that you will manifest your true soul age or behave wisely.

7. Manifested Soul Age
Just like the manifestation of your role is not a given, neither is the manifestation of your technical soul age.  Each lifetime we start over and begin with an infant soul consciousness and then have to grow and evolve to the perspective of our technical soul age and level.  In some lifetimes this happens, and in some lifetimes it doesn’t.  Also, each soul age perspective is built off of the one that comes before.  So, if you are an old soul, and have reached and manifested your technical soul age, then in any given moment, you can also manifest the soul ages that came before: infant, baby, young and mature.  In fact, you may manifest old in one part of your life, while manifesting young and mature in other parts of your life.  The older you are, the more flexibility you have in your perspectives and behaviors.

When you get your profile, some channels will give you this information about where you tend to sustain your manifestation of soul age perspective.

I am an old soul who manifests mature and old, depending on the context.

8. Essence Twin Role
Your essence twin is an essence that is committed to sharing all physical plane experiences with you.  The twin is also committed to helping you work through your internal “blocks” that prevent you from focusing on life-tasks and enjoying your life.  You are very close mirrors to each other, constantly triggering each other to look at what is most loved and hated within so that healing and growth can take place.  This relationship is by nature INTENSE. 

You can spend up to 75% of your incarnations closely linked with your essence twin in various types of relationships.  You also act as guide to each other when the other is not incarnating.

Due to the close resonance and great library of experiences that you usually share with your essence twin, you can tend to take on some of their role qualities.  Sometimes, you may even think you are the role that is actually your essence twin’s role.  This is especially the case when you are incarnate, and you twin is discarnate and acting as your guide.

Because you have come to know your twin’s role so well and have access to those qualities so easily, channels will often give you the role of your essence twin. 

This can also help you to identify your essence twin, which when validated, can support accelerated inner growth.

My essence twin is Server in essence.  He is currently incarnated along with me, and we have met.  That will be another blog for another time!

In Part III, I will move into the Personality Dynamics of the Michael Profile.  Validating this information about your personality can be just as empowering as validating your essence dynamics.  Some spiritual-minded folk want to “get rid of” ego/personality and tend to dismiss its importance in the grand scheme of things.  But personality is the only way essence can experience the physical plane!  Essence needs personality.  More on this to follow.


How It All Began: My Introduction to The Michael Teachings (Part II)

(approx reading time 10-15mins)

With the introduction of The Michael Teachings, I began my free-fall down yet another rabbit-hole of self-awareness.

Michael claims to be a group of soul “fragments” that have reunited into one, unified group consciousness.  Every fragment from that “entity” (Michael terminology for spiritual family) has completed its round of incarnations on the physical plane.  Now, the entity of soul fragments exists on and teaches from the causal plane (about one plane removed from the physical plane: physical, astral, causal, *akashic, mental, messianic, buddhic).

This is some far-out stuff, huh?

If all of what Michael says about themselves is true, then I’m literally studying with thousands of dead people!

As “out-there” as this possibility seemed to me at the time I was first introduced to the teachings (and still does from time-to-time), this was not what stood out to me the most.

What stood out to me the most about Michael and their teaching and what really got my attention was their unconditional understanding and compassion for my human experience.

As I began to read as much of their channeled material as possible and work with them in my own private sessions, I was struck by the fact that they never made me or their other students wrong, never scolded, never shamed, never became impatient with us.  On the one hand, they could be extremely direct and blunt with their information and perspective (which could be very unflattering for the ego!) and yet come across as only kind, caring and compassionate in their motivation and intention.

My very first in-person channeling session with Michael was in the context of a group session.  Most of the other people there knew each other, already, but I didn’t know a soul (pun intended!).  The channel (Troy of TruthLoveEnergy) asked Michael to speak about a general topic that might benefit the group and then allowed each person to ask Michael a personal question.

When my turn came to ask Michael a question, I wanted to know about a specific man whom I had been getting to know on an intimate level.  The conversation went something like this:

“Hi, Michael.”

“Hello, Nicholas.”

“I have been dating this guy for a few weeks, and we have a very intense connection.  We’re both attracted to each other, and we both want to be together, but he is pushing me away.  He is HIV positive, and this adds complications to our getting to know each other.  But I have assured him that we can figure it out together, and that I am not put-off by his status.  I just want to know what is going on with him and why he is so resistant?”

“First-off, we would ask you – why are you not asking him this question?

I tried to hide my embarrassment from the group and responded with,

“Well, I know I can talk to him about this, but I am wondering if there is anything going on that he is not telling me?”

“From what we can see, there is nothing more going on here than what you already know.  He is afraid.”

And that was that.  There may have been a bit more said, but I can’t remember at this point.  What I do remember is that in that moment I learned an important lesson about relationships and communication that I took with me and applied across the board in my life.

Still, my start with these teachings was tentative in many ways, as I had been prone to gullibility in the past and was at a place in my own personal evolution where I was beginning to doubt and question ideas and the sources of those ideas.

Also, because Michael’s delivery of their teaching was not flowery or gushing with emotion, I was suspicious.  I had been used to other new age-y sources that were full of feeling, sentiment and “personality.”  At first, I was a bit taken aback by this lack of feeling and all of the “heady” intellectual terminology and concepts.  I wondered if there was any practical merit to the teachings, or were they just a means for navel gazing and intellectual masturbation.

My second interaction with Michael helped me to shift this initial reaction to their content and style of teaching.  This interaction was also in a group format, but via an internet chat room. 

If you are not familiar with Michael’s delivery and terminology, you may want to go slowly and even reread this excerpt several times:


~ Channeled by Troy Tolley of TruthLoveEnergy


This conversation with Michael had a subtle yet powerful impact on me.  Here was a teacher that didn’t try to convince me of anything but left plenty of room for me to grapple with the information and come to some understanding and perspective on my own.

I believe this blog has already grown lengthy, and I hope I didn’t lose any of you reading!

But if you just read that, then you are still with me.  Great!

I will wrap it up, then, and leave you with a summary of what to me are some of the most important core ideas that Michael encourages us to explore, if we feel so inclined:

*We are essence/spirit/consciousness at our core.
*We chose to incarnate, to have this physical plane experience.
*Reincarnation is valid.
*Essence/soul makes the choices that setup a lifetime, but once born and after the first breath, personality has complete “control” over the lifetime through its choices.
*Essence does not impose or interfere with a lifetime unless personality consciously or unconsciously invites it to “help” and/or participate in the lifetime.
*Choice is our most powerful tool.
*All choices are valid.
*No lifetime is wasted; every choice evolves the soul, even if only very slowly.
*Karma is valid.
*Karma is intensity and imbalance that is created when we interfere with our own or others’ choices.
*Karma serves to propel evolution forward, as the soul seeks to balance the karma and balance all karma before “cycling off” the physical plane
*As the soul gains experience through its personalities, it evolves in soul age perspective and progressively “remembers itself.”
*Essence has a design that remains the same throughout all of its physical plane cycle and beyond, but personality is designed differently for each lifetime

*The point of a lifetime is to be physical and experience the physical plane.

And finally, one sentence that sums up Michael’s entire teaching:

*We are here to learn how to choose and to choose how to learn.*


In the next few posts, I will talk about Michael’s overleaf system: a kind of soul and personality map for understanding our own and others’ being, expression and behavior.  I’ll do this from the very personal angle of sharing my own essence and personality profile that I received from Michael and discussing its very profound impact on me.