The Soul


We exist within tao as individual sparks of consciousness.  In order to expand consciousness and the experience of love, we are “cast” or “birthed” from the experience of oneness with tao into the astral plane (where the non-physical part of us is focused while incarnating on the physical plane).  As sparks, we choose other sparks to bond with who have similar interests, and we form a spiritual family called an entity that will be our closest “relatives” throughout our adventure on the physical plane and beyond.

As individual sparks, we also choose a role in essence.  This role represents our core “style” of being (the concept of “role” in this teaching is similar to the concepts of “soul type” or “soul personality” in other teachings).  Once the role is chosen, we “play” this role throughout the entire physical plane experience.  Throughout each of our incarnations, we have and play the same role.  This role establishes our style of individuality while we incarnate through physical bodies, but once we complete out physical plane experiences and “cycle off,” our individuality (and therefore, our role) becomes less and less emphasized.

*{NOTE} Michael does teach that reincarnation is valid.  Before incarnation begins, spark or essence knows it is completely safe.  It knows what “game” it is playing.  However, by the time the role is chosen and the incarnations are set to begin, essence has already agreed to undergo a kind of “amnesia” so that it can “play the game” of life on the physical plane.  Why amnesia?  Because we wanted to experience fully our individuality and the illusion of being separate from tao.  We can never be truly separate from tao, but we can quite effectively experience the illusion of separateness.  The game of life allows us to experience separateness and individuality:  to effectively be “on our own” in a strange land having our own heroic and epic adventure!.  Then we get to experience the evolution of returning to or “remembering” our oneness with tao.  That returning is simply delicious, and one of the main reasons why we choose to have the adventure in the first place.  Apparently, there is no other plane to match the physical plane evolution in terms of ecstasy for the soul!!!  One caveat, though; once on the ride of life, there is no getting off until we slowly evolve to a certain place in our “remembering” or perspectives.  So, we don’t choose this adventure willy-nilly!  We really wanted to be here!  

There are 7 roles that reflect the structure of 7, the basic structure of the tao that was discussed on the previous page, and each role has its essential part to play in the adventure of life and in the life of tao:



SERVER (ordinal) – The Server’s essence is SERVICE

PRIEST (cardinal) – The Priest’s essence is COMPASSION



ARTISAN (ordinal) – The Artisan’s essence is CREATIVITY

SAGE (cardinal) – The Sage’s essence is DISSEMINATION



WARRIOR (ordinal) – The Warrior’s essence is PERSUASION

KING (cardinal) – The King’s essence is MASTERY



SCHOLAR (neutral) – The Scholar’s essence is KNOWLEDGE


*{NOTE} Each time we choose to experience a cycle of incarnations on the physical plane and then evolve through the planes back to an experience of oneness with tao, we complete one grand cycle.  Michael teaches that there are many different lifeforms across the universe for sentience (sparks of consciousness who like to play the physical incarnation/evolution game)  to inhabit.  For this particular grand cycle, we have chosen to incarnate on Earth as human beings.

Soul age refers to the individual essence PERSPECTIVE that has been achieved through having experiences on the physical plane.  Each soul age has a specific focus of learning that lays the foundation for the later soul ages.  To describe this progression of awareness and consciousness, Michael has chosen a progression of words/concepts that mirror our physical and psychological growth from infant to elder.  This reflects the truth that just as bodies and personalities have experiences and age, so too, do souls or essences.  Soul age reflects where the soul is in its context of maturity relative to the soul age progression on the physical plane for one particular grand cycle.  It does not reflect how inferior or superior a soul essence (and by extension, the personality that is embodying a particular soul essence) is relative to other souls.  “Better” or “worse” are human concepts that have no validity at the level of the soul.  At the soul level, all is different yet equal, and every part is just as necessary and significant to the whole.  Each soul age has it’s blind-spots or “maya,” and its own lessons to be learned.

There are 7 soul ages.  Only 5 of these are experienced as an individual essence incarnating through a body/personality.  The other 2 soul ages reflect essence-level, group consciousness that has reunited after individual essences have cycled-off the physical plane.  These reunited “entities” and “cadres” (1 entity = approximately 1000 soul fragments, while 1 cadre = 7 entities or approximately 7000 soul fragments) return to the physical plane and incarnate through a body for “unique” and extraordinary purposes.



Infant soul lessons are primarily focused on SURVIVAL



Baby soul lessons are primarily focused on CIVILIZATION (structure/order)



Young soul lessons are primarily focused on INDIVIDUALITY & PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT



Mature soul lessons are primarily focused on RELATIONSHIPS & EMPATHY



Old soul lessons are primarily focused on CONTEXT or SPIRITUALITY (the whole of which we are all a part)



(a reunited entity that returns to affect social transformation – Ghandi, for example)



(a representative of tao itself that returns to affect spiritual transformation – specific time-periods of the incarnations of Jesus and the Buddha, for example. 


At this point, I congratulate you for sticking with me and taking in all of this material!  Luckily, unlike incarnations, you can “get off the ride” at this point, if you like.  But if you would like to continue on to learn about how the soul/essence designs each personality with an underlying goal in life, a mode of reaching that goal and relating to others, as well as a particular way of viewing life, then click on the link below.